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F&Co. CACAO  is a superfood, containing a rich supply of antioxidants and dietary fibres that determine its healthy and invigorating properties, which Indigenous Peoples of the Americas were already enjoying thousands of years ago.


Our three varieties of single origin Venezuelan F&Co. CACAO nibs, Sur del Lago, Carenero and Río Caribe Superior are supplied by Casa Franceshi, a Venezuelan family-owned business with 185 years experience growing, harvesting and exporting the highest quality Venezuelan cacao beans, famously known for their unique genetic qualities. Each cacao variety used to make our nibs has a distinctive flavour and aroma that will delight the most demanding palate, and can be enjoyed in a variety of recipes.

Carenero Superior

It comes from the area of Barlovento. This variety of Trinitario cacao shows different colonial ancestral aromas and flavors thanks to its indigenous heritage. It has soft violet-colored beans and a slightly bitter and astringent flavor with cherry, tobacco and earth hints.

Sur del Lago

This variety is located in the south western region of Venezuela, which is considered to be the most fertile area. Its violet-colored beans offer a subtle fruity aroma and have a low level of acidity and astringency. Beans in this region are bigger than in the central and eastern areas.

Rio Caribe Superior

This cacao is found in Paria Peninsula in northeastern Venezuela. Its beans have low acidity and are slightly bitter. This variety is a mix of grains that highlight the cacao and dry fruits flavors in eastern Venezuela, and some brown sugar and tobacco hints in the rest of the region.

Flavours and Aromas 


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